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Special Incentive

Participate in West Sacramento's Vision Zero Action Plan Survey and Earn $10!

The West Sacramento Home Run’s Ready, Set, Save! program grants every West Sacramento resident under the age of 19 the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 from the City of West Sacramento for their college savings account by completing positive academic, civic and career readiness activities!

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Monthly Top Earners

Rowan and Ashley earned the most money through Ready, Set, Save in March!


A Brighter

Ready, Set, Save! was designed to both encourage children and families to participate in activities that are beneficial to themselves and the community, and to increase the likelihood of post-secondary education attendance and completion.

How it Works

Complete an eligible activity. Then submit proof of completion through our incentive claim form. Once the activity is verified, a deposit will be made to your child’s Ready, Set, Save! account.

How to Enroll

Complete the Ready, Set, Save! enrollment form to enroll your child in the program. Be sure to continue on to create a portal account to complete the set up. Teens may establish their own accounts, but must be 18 or older to withdraw funds.​ If you have more than one child, complete the enrollment form for each child then notify the Home Run team at

How to Collect Funds

When your child is ready to use these funds for qualified educational expenses, the funds must be transferred to a ScholarShare 529 college savings plan. It is not necessary to do this immediately, but you can earn a $100 bonus for opening a ScholarShare account and linking it to your Ready, Set, Save! account, and up to $180 more by making monthly contributions to your ScholarShare account. The sooner you open a ScholarShare account and start saving, the more you can earn!

Eligible Activities

To view the activities that you and your child can complete, the incentives you can earn, and any forms or guidelines needed to complete the activities, review the activity lists at the top of this page or in the submenu of Ready, Set, Save! For information on upcoming incentive opportunities, sign up for our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page!

How to Submit Evidence of Activities

The activity lists describe the documentation needed to earn each incentive. Submit your documentation through our online form.  Please note that there is a limit of $250 per age group, except for the 14-18 group, in which youth may "catch up" to the $1,000 maximum. Activities completed when a child is in one age group (e.g., 0-4) must be reported within one month of the birthday in which the child moves to the next age group. The Home Run may use your photos to promote Ready, Set, Save! and other Home Run programs. If you do not want your photos used, please uncheck the photo agreement when you submit your incentive claim.

Frequenty Asked

How do I enroll multiple children? Start off by submitting an enrollment form for each of your children. Make sure you have completed the form then created a portal account for one of your children. Then, notify the Home Run Team at readysetsave we will need to manually link their accounts to your portal.

How do I transfer funds from my child's Ready, Set, Save! account to their ScholarShare 529 account? You must open a ScholarShare 529 account for each child and link it to your child's Ready, Set, Save! account. Then contact the Home Run team to request the transfer.

Does my child need to go to a specific school to qualify? No. This was true a few years ago, but Ready, Set Save! is now available for ALL children under the age of 19 living in West Sacramento!

How recent do the activities need to be in order to claim them? We have four age groups in the program: 0-4, 5-10, 11-13 and 14-18 years of age. Activities must have been completed within the child's current age group. For example, A child that is 8 years old is in the 5-10 year age group. Therefore, they can submit claims for activities that they completed from as early as 5 years of age!

Does Ready, Set, Save! integrate with CalKids? At this time our Savings Tracker only allows you to link your child's Ready, Set, Save! accounts to ScholarShare 529 accounts.

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