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Pregnancy to the day before the child's 5th birthday

Unless otherwise indicated, all documentation of completed activities should be submitted through the activity claim form. Please uncheck the final question on the activity claim form if you do not want your photos to be used to promote the Home Run to other West Sacramento families. Please note that there is a $250 limit per age group.

Eligible Activities for Ages 0-4

Documentation Needed
529 College Savings Account

Open a 529 college savings account for your child from a provider other than ScholarShare (not available for ScholarShare account holders).

Account statement
$25, one time only
Birth Plan

If you are expecting, create a plan detailing everything you need and would want for your labor experience. Remember to also think about travel plans and what you'll need to take with you!

A copy of your birth plan. You can use a template or create your own.
 $20, one time only
CalKIDS Account
Account statement
 $50, one time only
Car Seat Safety Consultation

Schedule and attend a Car Seat Safety Consultation through the City of West Sacramento by signing up here

Completed Child Safety Seat Checklist form with technician name
$20 each time your child moves to a new car seat size and you attend consultation
Family Fun

Spend at least 20 minutes with your child, engaging in a health or nutrition activity such as cooking together or participating in a class at the recreation center. Find more ideas on this list. (Click here for  the list in Spanish).

Video or photo of you and your child doing the activity
$5 per activity, maximum of $20
Family event

Attend a West Sacramento community event for families and children offered by your school, church, or a community-based organization.

Answer the questions on the activity claim form and upload photo of participant at the event.

$20 for each event attended, maximum of $60
Home Run Referral

Refer a friend or family member to enroll in a West Sacramento Home Run program.

Friend or family member provides your name when creating their profile with the Home Run Savings Tracker
$25 per enrollment, maximum of $75
Kindergarten Enrollment

Enroll your child in transitional kindergarten (T-K) or kindergarten.

Enrollment form from WUSD or other accredited T-K or kindergarten provider

$25, one time only. Bonus: $25 extra for enrolling prior to June 30th.
Library Card

Obtain a public library card for your child.

Photo of your library card
$10, one time only
Link ScholarShare Account

Link your child’s ScholarShare 529 account to their Ready, Set, Save! Account.

Notify the Home Run team by submitting a claim through our activity claim form under "Linked ScholarShare Account"

$50, one time only
Maternal/Infant Nutrition and Breast Feeding Consultation

Attend an orientation or an in-person or online session on maternal/infant nutrition and breastfeeding through your doctor, La Leche League, or similar.

Certificate of consultation or educational session or, if it was a virtual session, a screenshot that includes the session name with your face and name
$20 per session, maximum of $60
New Parent Group

Join a local support group for new parents.

Photo or screenshot of any enrollment confirmation or email you receive confirming your membership in the group
$10, one time only
Parenting Workshop

Attend a one-time or multi-part parenting workshop.

Answer the questions on the activity claim form and upload photo verification of attendance.

 $20 per workshop or workshop series, $60 maximum
Pediatrician or Dental Checkup

Get a prenatal checkup if pregnant or take your child to a pediatric or dental checkup.

Visit summary form provided by the doctor, or photo of your child in the doctor's/dentist's office
$10 per visit, maximum of one per year
Preschool Attendance

Complete one year of attendance at a Home Run Certified High-Quality Early Learning Site

Certificate of preschool completion

$50, one time only
Preschool Enrollment
Preschool enrollment certificate
$25, one time only
Preschool/Childcare Research

Research online, call, or visit 3 Home Run Certified High-Quality Preschools.

Answer the questions on the activity claim form.

$10, one time only
Read a Book

Read a book from the library or your home with your child.

Download this book response form, help your child fill out the information and have them create a drawing of their favorite part. Upload the completed form to our activity claim form.

$10 per book response, maximum of $30

Safe Sleeping Workshop

Attend a safe sleeping workshop or orientation through your doctor’s office or with an early learning specialist.

Certificate of attendance or, for virtual workshops, a screenshot that includes the name of the workshop and your face and name
$20 per workshop, maximum of $60
ScholarShare Account
Account statement
$50, one time only
School Readiness Questionnaire

Complete a school readiness questionnaire (developmental screening) for your child and submit it to Help Me Grow Yolo County.

Email confirming Help Me Grow Yolo County has received your screening
$5 for each completed questionnaire; may be completed every year
Special Incentive

Special incentives are offered occasionally, for a limited time. Watch Home Run social media for details. Restrictions may apply.

Required documentation may vary and will be described with the Special Incentive announcement.

Amounts may vary and will be described with the Special Incentive announcement.


Attend 1 Storytime session at the Arthur F. Turner Public Library in West Sacramento.

Photo of a participant at the Storytime.

$5 for each, maximum of $50

Volunteer at Your Child’s School or Early Learning Site

Volunteer at your child's school or early learning site. 

Have your child's teacher/school or site administrator answer the questions on the activity claim form and upload photo of you volunteering.

$25 per 10 volunteer hours, maximum of $50 per year

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