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One objective of the Home Run is to improve the skills of our local workforce. The Home Run offers three online courses designed to help students and workers gain the 21st Century Skills valued most by local employers. By completing each course, learners can earn a digital micro-credential that serves as evidence of that skill.


Initiative in the 21st century includes self-efficacy and the capacity to identify needs and respond proactively.



Collaboration in the 21st century includes the capacity to work productively with different individuals and groups toward a common goal.


Oral Communication

Oral communication in the 21st century includes verbal and nonverbal communication.


What is a 21st Century Skills Micro-credential?

A 21st Century Skills micro-credential signals the completion of a rigorous, in-depth learning experience focused on a transferrable skill like collaboration, critical thinking or creative problem-solving. To earn a micro-credential, a learner must demonstrate proficiency via a performance-based assessment. Upon completion of a course the learner receives a digital “badge” that can be shared electronically.

Micro-credentials Selected by Local Employers

In Spring 2022, with the help of the Education Design Lab (EDL) in Washington, DC, the Home Run team consulted with a small group of local employers to identify the skills they value most in early-career employees. This work led to the selection of three micro-credentials, developed by EDL, that are now available to West Sacramento residents.

Benefits of the Home Run Micro-credentials

The City of West Sacramento offers these courses and credentials free of charge to West Sacramento residents, employers and educational institutions. Local employers can use the courses to upskill their existing employees, and educators can incorporate the the credentials into their own courses. West Sacramento youth can even earn financial incentives through the Home Run’s Ready, Set, Save! program. Job applicants can stand out from the crowd by sharing the credentials with prospective employers.

For more information about the micro-credentials, send us an email or just sign up for a course!

I think it’s really important to get these kids in here to get them to learn about the industry so that they can find out early if this is something they want to do, or maybe look in another direction.

Joe Thompson

Owner, Crisp Catering and Grill

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