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Why Get Involved?


We often hear from employers that recent graduates and new hires do not have the skills they need to succeed in an entry-level job. You can help address this challenge by offering a summer internship to a local high school student, at no cost to you, through the West Sacramento Home Run.


The more local employers who participate in the Home Run, the more prepared West Sacramento’s workforce will be in the long run. Your support for an intern helps West Sacramento become a place where businesses can find the talent they need—which means more jobs for citizens of West Sacramento.

Mentoring is also important. As a supervisor you can help your intern learn new skills and build a professional network. As a caring adult, you help your mentee feel valued and help strengthen their commitment to our community.

How to Get Involved

Sign Up to Offer Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning opportunites I can provide:

Host and supervise a qualified West Sacramento youth for an 8-week part-time or full-time internship during the summer. Interns' wages are paid by he Home Run.

Via video or in person, spend 20-30 minutes being interviewed by a student about your career and industry.

Via video or in person, host a small group of students at your workplace, introduce them to employees and describe their roles, explain how your business works.

Via video or in person, discuss your career path and industry and answer questions from students in one class.

Via video or in person, participate in a panel of employers connected by a common theme and answer questions from a moderator and students.

Staff a table or booth, with other employers representing a variety of sectors, where students can ask questions and learn about different careers.

Host a single student for 2-4 hours of a typical workday, allowing the student to see firsthand the tasks, responsibilities and roles involved in your career.

Via video or in person, conduct proactive interviews with students, followed by constructive feedback. 

Have one-on-one conversations to help a student build a clearer path to their future career. Assess their skills and interests, provide guidance, and connect them to resources.

Thank you for offering to help our youth!

It has been nothing but a benefit to our company.

Dr. Erika Frieze

Founder, Bridges of the Mind Psychological Services

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