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2022 West Sacramento Home Run Intern Participation Agreement

The Workplace

An internship is a privilege. West Sacramento businesses and other local employers are volunteering to provide you with an opportunity to gain work experience and learn about their industry and their organization. Because interns will be actively involved in the functioning of a business or agency, all interns must agree to the following expectations.

• I will work only when and where assigned.
• I will complete the tasks assigned to me to the best of my ability. If I need help or guidance, I will ask for it.
• I will dress appropriately, following the dress code of my worksite.
• I will keep myself clean and well-groomed for the duration of the internship.
• Absences, late arrivals and personal appointments that conflict with my work schedule must be cleared by my supervisor. Excessive absences or tardiness may result in my dismissal from the internship.
• I will communicate with my supervisor about any problems promptly, before they become major issues. Examples include workplace conflicts, inability to complete assigned tasks, etc.
• If I have problems that I do not feel comfortable talking to my supervisor about, I will contact Home Run staff.
• I will maintain a positive attitude, take initiative and ask questions when necessary.
• I will not smoke, drink alcohol or use any illegal drugs or cannabis at the worksite, nor will I come to work intoxicated. Failure to meet this expectation will result in immediate termination.
• I will accept supervision and direction graciously.
• I will conduct myself in a dignified, courteous, and considerate manner.
• I will always knock on closed doors before entering.
• I will not chew gum or eat while working.
• I will not bring friends to the worksite.
• I will not use my cell phone while working.
• I will not use company phones or computers for personal communication.
• I will avoid gossiping or discussing controversial issues with coworkers.
• I will avoid actions that may hurt myself or others or cause property damage.

Weekly Training

• I will participate in all required Home Run training events. If I am unable to attend one of
these events, I will notify Home Run staff in advance. If I have more than two unexcused absences
from a Home Run training event, my internship will be terminated.
• I will demonstrate a positive attitude during all training events, fully participate in all training
activities, and complete all individual and group assignments. I understand that if I consistently
demonstrate a poor attitude, do not participate fully, or do not complete my assignments,
I may be removed from the internship program.
• I will not use my cell phone during Home Run training events unless directed to do so by the Home Run team.

Home Run interns represent the City of West Sacramento. While these expectations may sound
harsh, a positive, professional approach to your internship is essential, and clear communications
and understanding will help the internship run smoothly. Enjoy, learn, and have a good

I understand and agree to adhere to the expectations described above.

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