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Thank you for your interest in the West Sacramento Home Run internship program! Use this form to submit an intern request.

Please review the Home Run Internship Supervisor Handbook before submitting an intern request form. The handbook includes information about our expectations for supervisors as well as guidance in describing and developing your plans for your intern(s). 

Please note: the maximum number of Home Run interns is 60. This means some organizations may not get all of the interns they request. All internship requests must be approved by the Home Run team. An internship request may be rejected or revisions may be requested if it does not appear to support the educational goals of the internship program.

All internship positions must be submitted by Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024. 

The following information will be used to create an online job posting on our website.

Number of internships available. (If multiple positions are available but the responsibilities of each are different, please submit separate requests. If the positions are the same, indicate that here.)
What is the anticipated work schedule? We require at least 20 hours per week.

Please note that all Home Run internships must provide at least 20 hours of work per week, for eight weeks. If you cannot provide at least 20 hours per week, consider partnering with another department or organization.

Interns are expected to participate in weekly trainings on Mondays. We will be offering two sessions. Which would you prefer to have your intern(s) attend? (We cannot guarantee your first choice, but we will do our best.)
What days of the week will your intern be working?
Is this a remote (virtual) or in-person internship?
Interns may not work in an employer's home. Is your business operated out of a private home?
Does the internship involve any of the following? (Interns may not drive from one work site to another, although they may drive to work at the beginning of the work day.)

Please describe three things that you expect your intern(s) to learn as a result of this experience. This could include skills that are specific to your industry or more general "soft skills," such as effective communication, working as part of a team, customer service, etc.

The deadline has passed to submit an intern request.

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