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21st Century Skills Digital Badges
Self Assessment

If you believe your intern demonstrated competence in one or more of the following 21st Century Skills, you can recommend the intern receive a digital badge that signifies competence in that skill. Interns can share their badges on LinkedIn, in college applications or with job applications as evidence of their skills. 


Please recommend a digital badge only if you truly believe the intern demonstrated all four sub-competencies in each badge.

Rate yourself on your demonstration of collaboration.

The ability to collaborate in a workplace setting by completing tasks agreed upon by a team, assisting and encouraging contributions by fellow team members, providing constructive feedback, addressing disagreements, and seeking resolution to conflict in order to achieve shared goals.

Rate yourself on your demonstration of communication.

The ability to use effective communication skills in a workplace setting, including active listening, organizing information and adjusting communication strategies to serve the purpose of the message, context and audience.

The mindset needed for success in the workplace by completing tasks independently with minimal supervision, avoiding distraction and overcoming barriers, and adapting when needed to complete tasks.

Rate yourself on your demonstration of personal mindset.
Rate yourself on your demonstration of planning for success.

The ability to plan for success in a workplace setting by setting and prioritizing goals, developing plans that include actionable steps and realistic timelines, applying knowledge and skills to achieve goals, managing their time and adjusting their actions as needed.

Rate yourself on your demonstration of problem solving.

The ability to solve problems in a workplace setting by defining a problem and considering possible causes, gathering relevant information, seeking input, generating potential solutions, and identifying the best solution based on the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

The ability to understand the consequences of their actions, balancing their own needs with the needs of others, considering the feelings and situations of others, and developing strategies to navigate rules, norms and behaviors in different contexts.

Rate your intern on their demonstration of social awareness.
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