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Technology Technician Internship

Washington Unified School District

West Sacramento, CA, USA

Job Type




Mandatory Qualifications

Interns must be 16 years old by June 10th, 2024. River City High School students must have completed at least one course in one of WUSD’s Career Technical Education Pathways. View qualifying courses here. Yolo High School and Washington Middle College students must have a recommendation form filled out by a teacher or counselor. All participants must have also viewed an online informational session about the internships offered by the Home Run team. If you were unable to attend a scheduled session, you may listen to the full recording here (audio starts at 2:25).


Assist in Setting Up Hardware: Help with unboxing, setting up, and configuring new computers, printers, and other peripherals. This can include physically setting up devices in classrooms, labs, or administrative offices. 

Software Installation and Updates: Assist in installing software applications and performing updates on existing systems under the guidance of a more experienced technician. 

Basic Troubleshooting and Support: Learn and assist in diagnosing and resolving basic technical issues with hardware and software. This might include helping students and staff with login problems, connectivity issues, or simple operational questions about software applications. 

Inventory Management: Help maintain records of hardware and software inventory, including tracking devices, checking out equipment to staff and students, and assisting in audits of technological assets. 

Documentation: Assist in creating and updating documentation for IT processes, setups, and troubleshooting guides. This could also include creating instructional materials for students to use technology resources effectively. Classroom Technology Support: Provide support for classroom technology, such as smartboards, projectors, and educational software, and ensure their operational availability for teachers and students. 

Cybersecurity Basics: Learn basic cybersecurity principles and assist in implementing security practices such as updating software, setting up firewalls, and educating users about phishing scams and safe internet practices. 

Customer Service Skills: Develop customer service skills by interacting with staff and students, understanding their technology needs, and helping address their concerns politely and efficiently.

About the Business

Technology Department for the Washington Unified School District

Preferred Abilities

Self-Motivated, Collaborative and at times working independently.

Learning outcomes

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Basics of technology

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Special Project

To work in a collaborative work environment with real-world experiences in a school district setting.

Additional Information

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