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Recreation Center Intern

City of West Sacramento - Parks and Recreation

West Sacramento, CA, USA

Job Type




Mandatory Qualifications

Interns must be 16 years old by June 10th, 2024. River City High School students must have completed at least one course in one of WUSD’s Career Technical Education Pathways. View qualifying courses here. Yolo High School and Washington Middle College students must have a recommendation form filled out by a teacher or counselor. All participants must have also viewed an online informational session about the internships offered by the Home Run team. If you were unable to attend a scheduled session, you may listen to the full recording here (audio starts at 2:25).


Are you passionate about creating memorable experiences for others? Do you thrive in dynamic environments where no two days are the same? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Join us as a Summer Intern at our vibrant Recreation Center, where you'll gain hands-on experience in various aspects of program supervision, customer service, administration, and more. 

Program Supervision: 

You'll have the chance to engage with our community's youth by supervising programs in childcare and the Rec Room. From organizing fun activities to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment, you'll play a vital role in creating lasting memories for our participants. 

Customer Service: Whether it's welcoming guests at the side gate, assisting with birthday parties, or providing information about our programs and services, you'll be the friendly face representing our Recreation Center. Your excellent communication skills and positive attitude will leave a lasting impression on our visitors. 

Administrative Support: Dive into the behind-the-scenes operations of our facility by assisting with administrative tasks such as filing, organizing, and creating graphics for promotional materials. Your attention to detail and organizational skills will be invaluable in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. 

Optional Opportunities: For interns eager to expand their skill set, opportunities may be available in aquatics and athletics. Whether it's assisting with swim lessons or supporting athletic events, you'll have the chance to explore additional areas of interest within the Recreation Center.

About the Business

The West Sacramento Recreation Center is a family friendly facility, offering quality
programming for individuals of all ages. Programming varies from aquatics, athletics,
youth enrichment, and fitness for all.

Preferred Abilities

Creative, organizational skills, communication skills, teamwork, attention to detail,
customer service oriented, enthusiasm and energy, and a passion for working with
people and for your community.

Learning outcomes

  • Event Planning and Management Skills: Interns will gain hands-on experience in all aspects of event planning, from conceptualization and logistics to execution and evaluation. They will develop skills in creating event schedules, coordinating activities, and managing resources effectively.

  • Problem-Solving and Adaptability: Interns will encounter challenges and unexpected situations during the planning and execution of the event. They will develop problem-solving skills and learn to adapt quickly to changing circumstances to ensure the success of the event.

  • Community Engagement: Interns will gain a deeper understanding of the role of recreational facilities in community engagement and social cohesion. They will learn how to build relationships with community members, promote active lifestyles, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Interns will develop skills in marketing and promotion by creating promotional materials, engaging with community stakeholders, and utilizing various platforms to attract attendees to the event. They will learn strategies for reaching target audiences and generating interest in recreational activities.

Special Project

As a Summer Intern at our Recreation Center, you'll have the exciting opportunity to
spearhead the planning and execution of our highly anticipated Rec Room Open
House event! This project will give you hands-on experience in event management
while creating a memorable experience for youth ages 8 and above in our community.

Event Overview:
The Rec Room Open House is designed to be a fun-filled
extravaganza, inviting youth from our community to explore and enjoy everything our
Rec Room has to offer. From exciting gaming tournaments to interactive crafts,
exhilarating rock climbing, and delicious snacks, this event promises something for

Intern Responsibilities
Event Planning:
Collaborate with fellow interns and Recreation Center staff to brainstorm ideas, create a schedule of activities, and establish logistics for the event. Consider factors such as space utilization, equipment
needs, and safety protocols.

Promotion and Outreach:
Develop promotional materials such as flyers, social media posts, and newsletters to spread the word about the Rec Room Open House. Engage with local schools, community organizations, and online
platforms to maximize attendance.

Activity Coordination:
Coordinate various activities and stations within the Rec Room, ensuring a diverse range of entertainment options for attendees. From setting up gaming consoles to preparing craft supplies and organizing rock climbing sessions, attention to detail is key to a successful event.

Volunteer Management:
Recruit and train volunteers to assist with event setup, supervision, and cleanup. Delegate tasks effectively to ensure smooth operation throughout the event.

Participant Engagement:
Interact with event attendees, providing guidance, encouragement, and assistance as needed. Foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and valued.

Additional Information

Interns will receive a Recreation Center pass during their internship.

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