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Geosynthetics Office Assistant

Reed & Graham, Inc.

West Sacramento, CA, USA

Job Type




Mandatory Qualifications

Interns must be 16 years old by June 10th, 2024. River City High School students must have completed at least one course in one of WUSD’s Career Technical Education Pathways. View qualifying courses here. Yolo High School and Washington Middle College students must have a recommendation form filled out by a teacher or counselor. All participants must have also viewed an online informational session about the internships offered by the Home Run team. If you were unable to attend a scheduled session, you may listen to the full recording here (audio starts at 2:25).


The primary responsibilities and tasks that you will be performing daily will be researching and identifying construction materials on Caltrans and private bid jobs. This will include performing take offs of materials needed for each project and putting together specification sheets and job specific quotes. You will also reach out via phone calls to contractors that are listed on the job estimating page, both pre bid and post bid.

About the Business

Reed & Graham, Inc. is the leader in the California marketplace in sales and marketing of innovative geosynthetic solutions for a variety of construction problems. The staff leads the industry in cost effective and environmentally sound construction practices. The Geosynthetics Division was established in 1988 to promote the use of geotextiles as a proven solution for a variety of civil and environmental challenges. The Division has grown and expanded to include all types of natural and synthetic materials used in civil engineering and in the erosion and sediment control portion of our industry. Reed & Graham is proud of its record in keeping abreast of new technologies, training and educating our customers in the proper application and installation of geosynthetic products.

Preferred Abilities

This person will be an outgoing person (phone skills) that is skilled in math and is detailed oriented.

Learning outcomes

  1.  Customer Service. We are in a field where customer service is number one in our business. We make sure the contractor is 100% satisfied in us and our products.

  2. Communication. The intern will be able to communicate with other estimators on the phone and through email to verify that the GC is bidding the project, that we have estimated all materials on the project and then after the bid call to verify that we will be providing the materials for the job.

  3. Accuracy. The intern will learn the importance of providing accurate quotes and the ramifications should it be incorrect.

Special Project

This internship will be an introductory into the materials that are used on construction projects through Northern California. The intern will be able to use this information in the future if they are interested in working in the General Contractor (GC) field. They will be asked to learn the basics of performing a take off, they will get a general understanding of how to read construction plans.

Additional Information

This is a part time position that could turn into a full time.

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