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Office Admin

SSA Pacific

West Sacramento, CA, USA

Job Type




Mandatory Qualifications

Interns must be 16 years old by June 10th, 2024. River City High School students must have completed at least one course in one of WUSD’s Career Technical Education Pathways. View qualifying courses here. Yolo High School and Washington Middle College students must have a recommendation form filled out by a teacher or counselor. All participants must have also viewed an online informational session about the internships offered by the Home Run team. If you were unable to attend a scheduled session, you may listen to the full recording here (audio starts at 2:25).


Intern will assist in daily, random, but vital office tasks. This includes filing, keeping paperwork organized, brainstorming ideas for any project that pops up, and help the office run smoothly in general. Most of the items we handle will require the intern to apply discretion and be detail oriented in their tasks. Failure to do so can possibly have the company fined or worse, so it is important to stress this.

About the Business

SSA is stevedoring company, which means we load and unload ships. We are the
"middle man" that makes it possible for the region to receive cement, rice and other
goods, by way of hiring union Longshoremen to load and unload ships and trucks
whom pick up and deliver goods to/from our West Sacramento Port.

Preferred Abilities

This position will require typing skills, basic knowledge of Word & Excel, ability to file alphabetically, discretion when handling sensitive information, a desire to learn additional office abilities as well as a positive demeanor and willingness to take on random tasks as they arise. The intern must be comfortable working with others in a team setting as well as enjoy working independently on solo tasks.

Learning outcomes

  1.  Intern will learn an understanding of how every individual's tasks impacts the next coworker and thus the importance of putting full effort in to every assignment.

  2. Communication is key in any environment. The same is true in our industry and could be the difference in saving lives. The intern will not likely witness any catastrophes here, but practicing good, prompt communication will set them up for success in any situation across all fields. Intern will be expected to call out with adequate notice if needed, give at least 48 hour notice for time off requests, call if running late, and notify someone asap if they notice anything out of the ordinary while on the job.

  3. Coinciding with tasks, the intern will also learn the importance of importing/exporting goods and its effects on our region.

Special Project

We will work in tandem with most tasks. One item the intern can compete on their own
is our vessel/ship files. They are put together in a specific order after an operation is
complete. These are safely stored for a minimum of seven years. This is an example
of a duty that requires discretion attention to detail.

Additional Information

Our office personnel are an eclectic bunch that is helpful, friendly, and are happy to welcome the new intern.

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